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Bernie of People Unlimited says become a new self

Be open, be honest, live free

I"m after everybody who"s had problems in their relationships to end the games. Be a large person. Go all the way with one another or quit playing around.

Go for what you want in your every day life, with your lover, with the people you live with. Be totally wide open, totally honest, totally up front about everything. Don"t have to duck your heads when you talk. Be able to look each other in the eye. Don"t have to be uncomfortable. End the discomfort by opening yourselves up to moving together.

There"s something about having this communion with one another that isn"t just visiting with each other. Instead, there"s a communion, a communication of your bodies together that is so spectacular. Not just talking about what"s going on in the world but a communion where you"re fed by one another. It"s rich.

It"s time for us to end anything that is not tangible in relating to one another; any kind of halfway, half-hearted caring for each other. I"m calling out for us to move in new ways. Move new, so that there is no more pain, or depression. No more darkness for anyone.

Have more with your partner. You may enjoy the same things but that's not enough. You may enjoy each other's personalities. That's not enough. Feel the need to be stirred by them. Feel the need for a communion of the deep that calls unto the deep. You may have moments but what about on a continuous basis? I feel that's where there is no pain and no death.

We've got to end the pain. We've got to end the suffering. If your living isn't good today end the pain, the dishonesty, the games once and for all. Let's end it in order to live abundantly. Be real. Be honest. Be true. When you're not moving honestly there's no way you can live free, it's just not real.

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