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Charles Brown, Bernadeane and James Strole of People Unlimited support progressive individuals in achieving infinite health, wealth and wellbeing through the pursuit and practice of death free living.

The Community of
Infinite Aliveness

If the people in your life were as passionate as you are about living, health, change, togetherness and making a better world, you'd be unstoppable. This is the power of People Unlimited.

We're not a commune. We're not a start-up religion. We're a community of people self-selected by our commitment to deathless living that have come together to support one another to live without limitations. It's time to end death and it takes a community of like-minded individuals to do it

How can you participate?

We hold events most Mondays and Fridays at the People Unlimited Center, conveniently located off the 101 and Princess Drive in Scottsdale. Guests are welcome. We're known for our friendly, fun and welcoming atmosphere. We're also known for dynamic, free flowing events that get loud, exuberant and intense. That's what it feels like to be fully alive and free of the suppression of death.

Enlightenment gained from workshops and books is great. But who are you going to live all those higher ideals with? No one person is going to change our world. Not even you. If you're serious about outliving the struggle, suffering and ignorance of conventional life, you need us. And we need you.

About Us
Who are James Strole, Bernadeane and Charles Paul Brown? What is their background, what do they believe and what do they have to say about being unlimited?

Radio Show Archives
Download or listen to podcasts of the radio show, "The Immortality Tonight Show"

CD Library
Listen to the sound of aliveness. Check out our library of 2010 "Expression Alive" CD's. These are produced issued each month with the best expressions from our previous month's meetings.

News about Physical Immortality
A continually changing update on current thinking about the subject. Also offers an opportunity for you to voice your opinion.

A selection of videos from various sources discussing the possibilities for living without the limitations of aging and death.

Several people share their experiences since meeting James Strole, Bernadeane and Charles Paul Brown. You can also tell us how your life has been impacted by them.

People Unlimited offer several of their own books and CD's and are continually seeking to add material from other sources that cover the subjects of unlimited living and physical immortality.

A brief description of some of the topics covered and what you might expect from attending. Plus the current schedule, location, directions and registration details.

Contact Us
Where we are and how you can talk to us.

Experience People Unlimited for yourself
Find out for yourself what makes People Unlimited different.

Our Blog: Living Immortality Now
People talk about what living physical immortality requires, and the impact it has in every area of their day-to-day living.

We answer some of the most common questions about who we are and what we do.

Science Talk
Scientists, technologists and others talk about life extension and physical immortality.

A Different Life
How can we bring people together and build a different and better life? Read other people's ideas or add your own view.

News about Life Extension
Current research and developments from around the world. Plus a chance to add your contribution and anything we've missed.

Health and Anti-Aging News
Latest developments from around the world including a short list of suggestions. With an opportunity to offer your recommendations.

James Strole, Bernadeane and Charles Brown talk about every aspect of living, physical immortality and how to be unlimited.

Site Blog
Get up-to-date information delivered direct to your desktop by subscribing to our RSS feed.

The Media
We address some of the issues raised by the media and the persistent attempts to undermine our credibility and question our integrity.

The People Unlimited Magazine, Unlimited Living

The People Unlimited Magazine "Living Unlimited"

Straight talk about living an unlimited life.
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The best expressions from People Unlimited meetings held during the previous month

Listen to "Expressions Alive"

Powerful expressions that will move you forward in your life.
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People Unlimited Charities are helping to feed and shelter people in the phoenix area and around the world

People Unlimited Charities

Our mission is to end separation between people in order to create an environment that supports unlimited living. We also raise money and provide volunteers to help feed and shelter people in the Phoenix area and around the world.
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